Amber Stevens West

When was the last time that you saw your favorite actress in a movie and thought to yourself that you would absolutely love to have that hairdo on top of your head? If you are honest and normal, it was more than likely one of the last times that you saw a movie. That is because everyone wants to look good and since the movie starts are made to look great by some of the best stylists in the world it is only natural that we want to emulate them.

There is no secret formula to what makes a celebrity hairstyle. It is going to vary by the script or the part that they play or the type of part it is. In short, the hairstyles are likely to change both from movie to movie as well as even within the same movie. And if you have ever looked at the many variations of hair styles that populate the red carpets at any entertainment gala you will see a regular plethora of varied styles, lengths and colors. All of these assorted styles will find their way onto some fans heads and stylists the world over will be inundated with requests to copy the dos that the fans have seen.

The biggest trends in celebrity hairstyles this season seem to be the long choppy look where the bangs and the sides are left in an almost unkempt way to give that sexy, just woke up and rolled out of bed look. This is the look that seems to drive men wild at the moment and as a result, the women of the world want to obtain a version of that look for themselves thinking that it will magically transform their lives into a version of the celebrity life that they have secretly desired for years.

Classic Blowout

Amber Stevens West



Hair in your 30s should be no-nonsense. Rather than attempting all the fads of your 20s, settle on what suits you best—like Amber Stevens West’s classic blowout. “The point is to have a ‘hair wardrobe’ similar to a ‘capsule wardrobe’ in your closet,” says Patterson. “Establish a power look—like a blowout style that makes you feel like you can take over the world.”


Braided Updo

Issa Rae




A braided updo is an ideal protective style for those with natural hair and, as seen here on actress Issa Rae, it happens to look fab, as well. For a pompadour-like style, utilize extensions to create a braided crown that wraps around the head.


Long Hair with Bangs

Jessica Biel with bangs and wavy hair



Long hair with bangs (seen here on Jessica Biel) is a flattering style that every face shape can pull off, as long as you can maintain your bangs. Cutting a fringe is a quick way to add maturity without looking too severe. Keep in mind the maintenance, though. Some salons offer free bang trims, but you’ll have to go for an appointment every few weeks. If that’s too much of a commitment, then you can learn how to trim your own bangs.


Curly Updo

Kylie Bunbury



Actress Kylie Bunbury’s soft curls look casual even when worn in an updo, thanks to a loose texture and a middle part. “It’s important to establish a go-to updo look [in your 30s],” says Patterson. “Think easy, French Girl-style, that takes your week-wear hair into date night, cocktail hour, or even red carpet territory.”


Long Hair, Side-Swept Bangs

Dakota Johnson



No matter your age, you can pull off long hair as long as it’s healthy. Try not to overdo your chemical treatments and use a heat protectant each time you apply a hot tool to your hair. It’s easier to maintain healthy hair than it is to try to restore damaged hair.

And if blunt bangs aren’t your style, then take a page from Dakota Johnson’s beauty playbook. You’ll find that long, side-swept bangs are incredibly flattering and stylish when paired with long, straight hair.


Shoulder-Length with Bangs

Kat Graham



Kat Graham’s look is a fabulous style for someone who wants to retain some youth. It’s the perfect combination of a sexy blunt bang with the shoulder-length cut that is easy to care for and style. If you like to play up your gorgeous eyes with makeup, then bangs and face-framing layers will accent these features even more.

Trimming your own bangs at home? Use a point-cutting technique (hold shears vertically, cutting upwards into the ends) for a less severe, more relaxed look.


The Shag Hairstyle

Nicole Richie with shag hairstyle



A shoulder-length cut that looks a bit wispy is fabulous. Shags are super popular because they look casual and unfussy, and can be sophisticated with a quick blow-dry. With the right cut, the shag can be air-dried to perfection. For extra texture, add a sea salt spray for that surfer babe look. We like L’ange Salt + Sea Texturizing Spray ($20).


Gorgeous Color

Emma Stone at 2015 SAG Awards



If you used to sport funky hair colors and now want to stick to a more subdued shade, embrace the chance. In your 30s, you can still color your hair any way you like, just keep in mind what hues would complement your complexion. Those with a more fair complexion, like Emma Stone, look great with a deep, rich red. And yes, it’s okay to DIY your hair color at home. But if you want to go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural color, it’s safer to leave it to a trained pro.

The Pixie

Michelle Williams pixie cut at the 2016 Oscars



The pixie is an excellent cut for people of all ages. In your 30s, it can really play up a great bone structure, pretty eyes, and full lips. Michelle Williams’ Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie looks great on anyone, especially those who are confident trendsetters. 


Short and Natural

Lupita Nyong'o with short natural hairstyle



Lupita Nyong’o demonstrates that the best way to show off natural hair is with a short afro (in this case, pulled back with a braided headband). Be sure to utilize a deep conditioning treatment, such as E’TAE Carmel Deep Conditioning Treatment ($20), to keep hair healthy.


The Classic Bob

Agyness Deyn with a classic bob



The classic bob isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. No matter the year, it’ll always be a stylish choice. Because it oozes sophistication, it can be a great cut for professionals (or models, like Agyness Deyn). Just be aware that this haircut can be high maintenance and requires a bit of styling. As for hair texture, bobs work best on thin to medium hair.

If you have fine hair, ask your stylist for a “graduated bob,” which has stacked layers cut shorter in the back and longer in the front. It gives flatter hair much-needed body and height at the crown.


The Long Bob

Rosa Salazar




Long bobs (affectionately known as the “lob”) are as popular as ever and they’re extremely versatile. You can blow dry them straight (as seen here on actress Rosa Salazar), air dry them so your hair has some natural wave to it, or curl it into wavy perfection. Also, if you need to pull it back, there’s still some length to work with.


The Perfect Length

Margherita Missoni with the perfect length bob



Many experts consider hair that falls between the chin and shoulders to be the “perfect length.” That’s because it looks great on people of all ages, and works on a variety of textures and face shapes. The length seems to be most popular on people in their 30s (like Margherita Missoni) and early 40s and it’s easy to maintain. If you go with a style that complements your hair texture, then your daily styling needs will be minimal at most. 


Shoulder-Length and Thick

Keira Knightley with a shoulder length bob



Kiera Knightley’s shoulder-length hair is a versatile, flattering hair length on all face types and for all hair textures. The key to the perfect shoulder length cut lies in, of course, the length. It can’t be too long or too short. It looks best when it hits at the collarbone or a bit above.

“This is where you get to play with dry shampoos, texture sprays, creams and serums to allow your style to evolve,” says Patterson. He recommends ion Dry Shampoo ($6), “because it leaves the hair feeling fresh, while adding volume at the same time.”


Just-Off-the-Beach Waves




Beyoncé’s long, beachy waves never go out of style; you’ll see similar looks on almost every woman in Hollywood at some point. It’s casual but has that super sexy look that screams confidence—and salt spray.

If you have long, thick hair, you can get away with this look. Even if your hair is on the thin side or doesn’t grow long fast, you can fake it with the help of hair extensions.


Boho Chic Braid

Emily Blunt



If you enjoyed wearing braids in your 20s, there’s no reason you can’t wear one in your 30s. Braids look sweet and youthful while keeping your hair fully out of the way. They’re also very pretty and casual. We love a braid in a boho-chic, slightly unkempt style that still looks put together like Emily Blunt’s.

“A braided ponytail is so fun and easy,” says Vaccaro. “You can rock this messy or super sleek; think Kim Kardashian West braid plaits. If you don’t feel comfortable braiding, you can take your pony and split it in two. Then, twist the sections onto each other and secure with an elastic.”

Blunt Bob With Bangs

Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift’s blunt bob offers plenty of texture, so it doesn’t look too severe. For a similar look, use a salt spray (we like Ouai Wave Spray, $26) on slightly damp hair from root to tip, tousling and twisting, while blow-drying into messy waves.

Logan Browning half-slicked, natural curly medium-length hair


The half-up, half-down style is casual and easy, but still looks good enough for the red carpet, as seen here on actress Logan Browning. Here, Browning’s natural curls are the highlight, but a bit of serum helps slick back the upper half of her ‘do.


Straight and Glossy

Elizabeth Olsen in black top



The best route to super straight hair, á la Elizabeth Olsen? Apply a straightening balm—try Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry ($32)—before using a paddle brush for an at-home blowout. Finish with a shine spray, like It’s a 10 Miracle Shine Spray ($21).

Wavy Bob

Jodie-Turner Smith with wavy hair



Jodie Turner-Smith’s wavy hair (with wavy bangs to match) is ultra-modern, thanks to the shape and volume. To define waves, try a product like Prose Curl Cream ($25), which also fights frizz.

24of 25

Tousled Lob

Priyanka Chopra tousled lob



Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ tousled lob is the result of quality styling products (and a naturally healthy head of hair). Use a product like Sally Hershberger’s 24K Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste ($40) to create texture on the ends.


Retro Updo

amber heard


The modern way to 1950s hair is via this updated take on victory rolls, as seen on Amber Heard. Create oversized curls, pinning them on top of the head for height to nail a similar look.