Seaberry Oil Style by Obliphica Professional

Have you heard of the Seasberry? No? Well let us tell you about this amazing little fruit!

The Seaberry (also called Sea Buckthorn Berry or Hippophae Rhamnoides) is a natural, centuries-old secret to beauty, health and wellness.  This miraculous berry was revered for its healing, rejuvenating and protective powers by the ancient Greeks and Tibetans, and by Eastern and Ayurvedic medicines as far back as 5000 BC — basically it’s one exceptionally powerful superfruit!

Obliphica Professional has created a line of products that features the Seaberry that leaves hair manageable, soft, shiny and luxurious. For a quick — yet chic look, try our DIY look that will bring great style and great products together:

Seaberry Oil Style by Obliphica Professional

Step 1: Subdivide the hair into 1″ sections. Starting mid shaft, spiral hair on a 1.5″ barrel curling iron, alternating sections inward and outward, creating a more natural looking curl. Brush curls lightly.

Step 2: Subdivide hair into three sections.

  • Section 1: from the tip of eye brows to top crown.
  • Section 2: straight from both ears to the nape of the neck.
  • Section 3: middle section of the back of the head.

Step 3: Begin with the middle section. Create a two section braid ponytail, followed by pulling soft pieces out to create an open, loose braid. Take section 2 and create a loose braid ponytail on the same side of the head as the first, hold and wrap around base to create a loose bun.

Step 4: Braid section 1 and drape over the ear and incorporate it into the ponytail. Take remaining ends and twist into a two section braid loosely and drape over the bun.

Seaberry Oil Style by Obliphica Professional

Obliphica Professional Products utilized to complete this look: Seaberry Styling Cream, Serum & Shine Mist