best hairstyles for round faces

Long hairstyles for round faces are particularly effective in reducing the width of the face and making it appear longer when the hair is layered. The length of the hair as such will help to elongate a face, while layers, especially started around the chin area, will help to add volume to the hair, subsequently balancing the overall look a little more.

how to choose the right hairstyles for round faces
how to choose the right hairstyles for round faces

The traditional recommendation given to women with round faces is to wear a style with a side-parting and a sweeping fringe. This not only looks incredibly feminine, it also adds dimension by creating different angles. Central partings can also work really well, creating a balancing harmony between the hairline and the roundness of cheeks.

While longer, side-swept bangs are usually recommend instead of blunt, straight bangs, even those can work as long as they are not too heavy, finish before touching the eyes and are kept a little choppy near the ends.

Essentially, long layered, textured styles are perfect to reduce the bulkiness of a round face and sweeping loose curls are perfect for creating a hot, sexy look. It should, however, be noted that tight ringlets should be avoided around the face, as they will add bulk.

The best way to wear ringlets with a round face is to keep them full from the shoulder down, while keeping the volume down higher up.

Straight hair used to be a big no-no for round faces, because it was regarded as being too severe. This does not have to be the case if a style is carefully chosen. Shifting the parting, adding layers and creating an asymmetrical look will compliment and reduce the typically quite symmetric appearance of round faces and make straight hair look just as attractive as a curly or wavy style.

Creating up-dos as long hairstyles for round faces should be done by creating volume at the top, with little volume around the cheek and ear areas. This will automatically elongate the face and balance hair and face perfectly.

For a look that is a little more casual, slightly wavy hair can be tied into a low, slightly tussled side-bun. This will create a soft look while at the same time creating balance.

To smarten this up a little for a special occasion, the top half of the hair can be pinned in the middle of the back with bobby pins, which should be pushed in upwards in order to create height. The bun is then created by grabbing the rest of the hair and proceeding as before.

To cut a long story short, long hairstyles for round faces depend on long layers and waves to reduce the roundness and elongate the face by framing it to perfection. Adding height and keeping the volume at the sides of a round face as low as possible will equally balance a round face favorably, as will the creation of asymmetric hair styles with the help of side-partings and long, side-swept bangs.

The main rule to remember is that too much volume on the sides of the face should be avoided to prevent the face from appearing wider still. Allowing strands to fall into the face down the sides will certainly serve well to reduce the round look.